bituminous tiles

Bitumen tiles are presented in the form of separate small sheets carved as a monotonous pattern. Each sheet has a hidden and visible part.  When overlapping, the hidden part is at the bottom. The material of the sheets is a modern high-strength roofing material, the thickness of which is 3 mm.

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It has a decorative top layer and basalt topping. The advantage of this product is its light weight. Its installation is easy to do and alone. Due to the flexibility of the material, it is possible to bypass complex interchanges and other “bottlenecks”. With the help of bituminous tiles it is possible to cover domed structures. It has a variety of shapes, patterns and colors.

Absorbs noise well. Over time, being in the sun, it is soldered into a sealed continuous layer. In the process of its installation, a small amount of waste appears, and there is also the possibility of its accurate calculation. The use of this material is ideal for complex roofs, where there are many architectural elements. On a solid base, the costs for straight large slopes may not be justified. Due to the exceptional decorativeness of bituminous tiles, they are used for design projects and cultural objects.