Choose a bathhouse for a bathhouse

All lovers of striking in the bathhouse are well aware that the effect of this procedure directly depends on the choice of the furnace. Fast warming up the bath and its slow cooling, creating steam – these requirements should provide an oven. Also, the basic requirements put forward for these devices include compactness, power, convenience, fire safety and preventing the possibility of burns.

Today there are two types of stoves: stoves and steam generators. It is worth noting right away that steam generators in our country are still of little common. They, in fact, are large -sized “electrician” with an adjustable load. Most often, stoves-stoves are used as an open and closed stoves as a bathhouse for a bathhouse. Open ones heat up faster, which makes it possible to save on fuel, but at the same time cool faster. Depending on the type of energy used, they can be electrical, wood and gas, as well as combined (gas-wood).

The advantages of electric stoves include convenience in operation, safety and ease of management. In addition, they have a thermostat and a fuse from overheating, and you can turn them off at any time. In order to prevent random burns, the case of the furnaces of this species is made multilayer and is made of leaf iron. The most environmentally friendly and durable stoves with stainless steel buildings include. When choosing an electric stove, it must be taken into account that the operating voltage for furnaces with a capacity of less than 7 kW-220 V, and if its power is higher than 7 kW, then voltage 380 V is required.

Firewood stoves can be of different designs, they are heated with firewood or coal. They quickly heat up, but at the same time cool down quickly enough. The advantages of furnaces of this type include efficiency and safety. Their designs completely exclude the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Gas stoves for heating baths are used less often than electric and wood, since the use of gas in everyday life is considered quite dangerous. Contrary to this opinion, it should be noted that modern gas stoves are safe, convenient and practical.

Among the manufacturers whose product quality meets all the requirements, the following Vesuvius, Ermak, Barbara, Breneran, Gori are clear, Teplodar, cuirassier, thermophone, convectik and others can be noted.