Choosing material for decoration of the bathroom

The bathroom is the place in the apartment that has its own climate. Increased humidity in the bathroom requires suitable building materials. Among the large assortment of materials suitable for the bathroom, we highlight the most popular.

Such tiles for the bathroom Keramozavr/Keramicheskaya_plitka_dlya_vannoy are reliable and durable. It does not emit toxins when heated, does not burn, resistant to moisture, environmentally friendly and easy to care. To date, the market presents the whole variety of colors, shades, drawings, patterns and, of course, manufacturers of tiles, and the price for it will vary depending on individual preferences. Everyone will definitely find an affordable and acceptable option for themselves.

Mosaic and mosaic tiles for the bathroom

This mosaic tile and mosaic for the bathroom Keramozavr/Mozaika_plitka in its qualitative characteristics belongs to the category of tiles. A more affordable option is a glass mosaic. Natural stone mosaic is more expensive. The price depends on the type of stone and manufacturer. Disadvantage of mosaics in its styling. This is a rather tedious and laborious process, which also requires additional costs for the acquisition of special mixtures and grouts, as well as payment for the work of the layman.

Plastic panels – excellent tile substitute. They are also resistant to moisture, temperature changes, environmentally friendly, easy to care for and have a long service life. The advantages of plastic panels include their cost (half as much as tiles) and ease of installation – before fastening it is not necessary to level the walls. The disadvantages include the inexpressiveness of plastic panels in a decorative sense. Because of the glossy surface, this material does not look quite rich.

Bathroom wall paint

An alternative to plastic panels can be paint. With the help of ready -made stencils sold in construction stores, you can show any of your design fantasy on the walls of your bathroom. The advantages of paint include the cost (it is even cheaper than the panels) and ease of use – only roller and brush are enough. The disadvantages include the preliminary preparation of walls, which can cost additional costs. If you are not a specialist in this matter, then you will have to hire masters. In order for the paint does not fade over time and does not crack, you should carefully approach its choice. It should be environmentally friendly, wear -resistant and resistant to moisture.

Bathroom wallpapers

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The most unusual, but gaining popularity, material for decoration of the bathroom – wallpapers. Of course, these are special wallpapers for rooms with a high level of humidity, they can be textured or for painting. The lack of this material is the difficulty of caring for it. Therefore, the wall, which is directly placed by the bath, is recommended to be finished with more resistant to moisture, and glue the wallpaper on a more “dry” wall.