Concrete stairs

Concrete is the only material used in the stairs that wins all its competitors (composites, wood or metal). Only concrete stairs will make any idea of ​​the designer to realize, as well as create the necessary coating.

What can be said about the most important advantages of concrete stairs?

Firstly, they stand out 100%reliability, and secondly, they have increased strength. In addition, stairs created from concrete, photos of which can be seen here: /Gallery /do not creak and do not shake. If you are going to raise a heavy cabinet of large sizes to the top floor, you can have no doubt for your safety. The load capacity of stairs made of concrete is much higher than that of wooden counterparts.

Among the important advantages of such products, it is also necessary to highlight fire resistance and moisture resistance, low operating costs and ease of maintenance, many decor options and the ability to withstand large temperature changes.

Stairs that are made of concrete are the best choice for furnishing houses located outside the “stone jungle” where you spend holidays and weekends.

If we talk about the most popular options for the execution of such products, then in the first place are straight stairs that will look great in country apartments. Such designs are distinguished by sophistication of forms, beauty and originality.

Stylish spiral and curved stairs will be a great solution that will save usable space. Most of these designs occupies no more than 2 square meters. m. As for the free space under the stairs, it can be used to place bookshelves.

L-shaped stairs are simple and reliable, practical and elegant. “U”-shaped products will be the best option when it is necessary to equip communication between floors in a limited space.