Decorating the walls of the room from ancient times to this day

In each room, after a certain time, it is necessary to make repairs. First of all, this is necessary in order to clean it of microbes that gradually accumulate in the building. In former times, repairs were mainly in whitewashing the walls and ceilings with lime solution or white clay.

However, just white walls have not always arranged a person. He sought to decorate them in any way. Rich homeowners invited artists to write paintings or color the walls of their houses. People decorated the walls more victorious to all the ways available to them. Gradually appeared masters who worked on the creation of decorations for walls. For the castles of the feudal lords, they wove special carpets with plot drawings, they were called tapestries. They were so strong that in some old castles in Europe they still hang. Then special fabrics for the upholstery of walls appeared – trellises.

Ordinary people decorated his small dwellings with his own hand -embroidered guns or bought in the bazaar with popular pictures.

Gradually, paper wallpaper began to enter into everyday life for decorating walls. Although the wallpaper first appeared in China another 200 years before the new era, the lack of mass production of paper for wallpaper did not allow them to be released in large numbers. And only at the end of the 18th century they invented a machine for the manufacture of wallpaper.

With the invention of photography, pictures began to decorate the walls, and these were not only portraits of loved ones, but also still lifes or pictures of nature. The idea to use photos in the interior really liked modern designers. They saw here great opportunities for creativity. Industry that is engaged in the production of wallpaper has established the production of photo wallpaper.

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