How to grow beets

Beetroot is very popular among Russians Corn crime. A lot of delicious dishes are prepared from it. Beets are also a useful product. Therefore, it is grown everywhere. In every garden, be sure, we will see beets in the garden.

How to grow beets

But beets have one significant drawback and it is also well -known. Beets need to be cooked for a very long time before it can be eaten.

The trick is that, it turns out, you can grow a dining beets of a softer and more juicy. Such beets will be boiled to readiness much faster, saving the time of our housewives.

But everything is in order. First of all, in the spring you will need to choose the right varieties of beet seeds. This is also an important detail in a high -quality and high harvest in the fall.

In the spring, you should choose a place for landing, given the fact that beets cannot be planted in the same place. It is best to sow beets to the place where cabbage, peas, onions, dill, salad grew last year last year.

The second factor of a good harvest is fertile soil. Beetroot loves soft land, well -hungry, located in a dry and bright place. Therefore, in the spring you should make a sufficient amount of manure, deeply dig the bed and form the bed. Leave the bed for a couple of days so that the earth warms up. Then you can sow beetroot seeds.

Everything is done while traditionally. Water, loosen, flight. Waiting for the appearance of small shoots.

Beetroot began to grow and develop. When small beets begin to form, here you should begin to use that very little trick.

And it is watering. Just not in the usual.

You need to bring salted water, diluting ordinary salt in water, and pour such water with a bed with beets with such water. Such watering must be carried out over the summer only 3-4 times and there will be enough. The rest of the time is watered with ordinary warm water.

How to grow beets

As a brine, you can also use brine of salted cucumbers, it will also work. Why pour into a garbage? But don’t make a strong brine. It is necessary salted water (approximately like a cucumber brine).

It is such watering with salted water that makes beets softer, juicy and sweet. Such beets will be boiled faster, it will be very tasty and sweet.

I hope this advice will be successfully used by our respected gardeners and summer residents. And they will appreciate.