How to play the aviator game for real money

The Aviator game is a modern crash slot available in many online casinos. It was developed by Spribe in 2019 and gained immense popularity.

This game differs from classic slot machines in that winnings depend not only on luck, but also on your powers of observation. Aviator has a high RPT of 97% and you can play both for real money and in demo mode.

How to play the game “Aviator”?

The rules of the game “Aviator” are very simple. The game is based on increasing the coefficient. At the beginning of the round, you need to place a bet (minimum – $0.1, maximum – $100). The plane then takes off and begins to climb. The coefficient that multiplies your bet increases with every second of the flight. You need to collect your bet along with your winnings before the plane disappears from the screen. The longer you hold the bet, the greater the winnings, but the risks also increase.

The plane can crash at any moment, while the multipliers can be from x1 to x100 (sometimes even more). The multiplier of each round is determined by artificial intelligence and drops out randomly.

In addition to the manual game, the game “Aviator” has the functions of automatic betting and automatic withdrawal of winnings. You can choose the multiplier at which your bet will be automatically withdrawn along with the winnings, as well as set the number of rounds for automatic play.

How to win in the game “Aviator” for real money?

In order to win real money in the game “Aviator”, it is recommended to use the developed game strategies. These tactics come with varying levels of risk and difficulty, and are not 100% guaranteed to win. Before using tactics, it is recommended to test them in demo mode:

  1. Tactics of minimal risk – game with multipliers x1.3-x1.5. This option is the safest and is suitable for beginners and players on a small budget.
  2. Tactics of moderate risk – a game with multipliers x2-x3, where the probability of their loss is 45-50%.
  3. High risk tactics – play with multipliers x100 and higher, which usually drop out once every hour and a half. This tactic is only suitable for experienced players with a big budget.

Each tactic has its own advantages and disadvantages. Playing at low multipliers won’t give you a big win in a short amount of time, while playing at high multipliers can eat up a significant amount of money. The aviator strategy of playing at low multipliers is considered the safest, so it is better to use it.

Where to play the game “Aviator”?

The Aviator game for real money is available at most online casinos. It’s usually found in the “crash games” or “fast games” sections. To quickly find this game, just use the search by typing the keyword “Aviator”. If you want to play the demo version, you can find it on the official website of the Spribe manufacturer.