Strengthening insulation packages and plaster

After gluing the insulation plates over the entire surface of the walls, additional fastening with fungal dowels with drilling holes through the glued slabs is carried out. Fastening with fungal dowels should be mounted in the corners. At the joints of four plates, holes for dowels are drilled. One fungus can strengthen four corners of four plates at once. If the dimensions of the insulation packages are large, then additional fastening is made in the middle of each stove. If you bought an apartment in a new building in St. Petersburg and are now planning repairs, then you should contact the construction company Stroy-City. The company offers high -quality apartments in a new building whose cost is low.

On corner slabs, glue on the side corner surface of the plate is smeared with a continuous layer. After laying and fastening the plates, reinforcing plaster is performed. For reinforcing plaster, a moisture-proof cement-mineral plaster is used. To strengthen the corners, a double metal bar with a net is laid along the still low reinforcing plaster, which strengthens and levels all the corners of the building, door and window slopes. The angular bar is glued with a plaster adhesive solution. A reinforcing fiberglass is installed over the entire area of ​​the wall.

The fiberglass is leveled with a roller and glued with a plaster solution. When using heavy plastering, additional strengthening of the fiberglass with plastered dowels. After installing the fiberglass, the airplane mineral plaster is applied. To strengthen the surface layer of walls, you can produce decorative waterproofing plaster or wall painting with strengthening paints.