What services, in addition to smart contract auditing, does CQR provide?

The smart contract program is directly connected to the blockchain, which significantly expands the functionality of an ordinary agreement. This program is quite popular and is used in different areas: industry, private and corporate business, etc.

That is why the issue of Blockchain Security, which is achieved through Smart Contract Audit, is very important. One of the features of the blockchain is the impossibility of returning funds received by mistake, which explains the Web3 Security Audit. This event allows you to make sure that the security of the blockchain is reliably ensured and the smart contract does not have vulnerabilities or errors.

A smart contract audit provides two types of code analysis:

  • static;
  • dynamic.

The main differences between these activities is that in the first case it is carried out as a setup, immediately before work, and dynamic, in fact, is a test of the application in the created conditions, which are its natural environment.

For a smart contract audit to be successful, the owner must create all the necessary conditions, such as access to documents involved in the process, business requirements, etc.

What services, in addition to audit, does CQR provide?

The activities of this company do not end with the audit of smart contracts. The organization’s specialists can provide the customer with several types of services related to checking the security system for vulnerabilities:

  • social engineering;
  • performance level tests;
  • penetration testing (Pentest);
  • protecting your infrastructure using the cloud-based Cryeye tool.

Each type of service provided has different advantages. They are aimed at protecting corporate information and identifying vulnerabilities that enable attackers to harm the company’s activities by lowering its rating or completely destroying everything that has been created over a long time.

After carrying out the selected event, the specialist will draw up a report on the work done, outlining the key points that need to be paid special attention to. Also, there will be tips and recommendations for eliminating identified shortcomings in the system. For ease of study, the document is provided in the form specified by the client.