Where to watch news about Kharkov and the region

To keep abreast of events taking place in their hometown or region, most Internet users go to news portals, and the rest of the readers learn from printed periodicals.

Residents of Kharkov and the region actively use the site with the news “Slobidskyi krai” and the newspaper of the same name. The history of the publication goes back to the distant and harsh year of 1917. Then Kharkiv residents first learned about it.

This publication has existed for more than a century, continuing to hold a leading position, developing in the news direction. Previously, the amount of information was limited only to Kharkiv and the region, but now you can find out Lozova news and events taking place in the world.

Due to the popularity of the Internet, the editorial team decided to open a news portal with the same name, so that fans of the newspaper can easily find information on the Internet.

After a while, readers felt the convenience of the web resource, and promotion through social networks began. Here the audience can be added to a group or community and not look for “Slobodskaya Krai” on the Internet.
The service of placing advertisements on the news portal has become widespread. It is available online, in print and on social media.

The advantage of reading news from the Slobodskaya Krai website

Readers love this news portal for its truthfulness and verification of information before serving it to the masses. This is due to the principles of leadership, which are:

  • posting only verified news;
  • the speed of the information provided, which you will learn about a little earlier than it appears on other resources;
  • the absence of paid articles and subordination to the “powerful of this world.” This resource was, is and will be independent in the choice of materials for the readership;
  • taking care of one’s spotless reputation and protecting it.

“Slobodskoy Krai” prints and puts on the portal a lot of information that takes place in other regions and cities. Here you can read Balakliya news about the situation in the world.

The channel is successfully developing and growing, creating headings based on the interests of readers.

There are a number of developing headings, historical, about hobbies, productive leisure activities and much more. Here the preferences of each reader are taken into account.

With the advent of the “Sloboda Territory” in social networks, readers got the opportunity to communicate with each other, creating their own small interest clubs and expressing their own opinions without fear of being ridiculed.