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I have been working at a construction site for a long time, I started after the school even under the Soviet Union. Who was not, at the school studied on the tile, and in those days there was little tile, I had to master new specialties directly at the construction site. And I had a dream – to become a welder, there was no place in the school in this group, so I began to study at a construction site. Good teachers – welders came across to me, learned from them, passed the exams, managed to work a little in this specialty. When the Soviet Union fell apart, state construction was practically gone. I had to look for a job where I had to.

Here my skills were useful in various specialties. In one place was a plaster, because he had already mastered this specialty. At another construction site I had to build brick walls, and I remembered tile work. But, finally, in one construction company he settled down a welder. Then there were few workers in this specialty. The foreman of the sensible guy got caught, but she didn’t understand the welding machines. We made friends with him, he asked me to do the selection and purchase of welding machines.