All you wanted to know about suspended ceilings

To tradition your dwelling and originality, you must not think least about the ceiling. If you decide to put them, putty, paint – you will spend a lot of effort and time. This is all a very laborious job, which is also associated with garbage and dust in the entire apartment.

Recently, the owners of apartments are increasingly opting for stretch ceilings. And such a choice is far from accidental. After all, stretch ceilings boast a large number of positive characteristics. Here we will talk about them today.

Stretch ceilings acquired very popularity primarily due to the simplicity of installation. In comparison with plaster and painting, their installation does not need to be prepared for the surface. To all this, the weight of the canvas is very small, which also does not require additional efforts during installation. Installation of ceilings in a small room takes only a couple of hours.

Stretch ceilings plus everything play the role of additional sound insulation of the apartment. Such ceilings are sometimes installed even in cinema premises. Therefore, by installing a stretch ceiling, you can forget about the noise coming from the neighbors from above. When choosing stretch ceilings in St. Petersburg, you can choose the color scheme of ceilings for every taste.

Another advantage of suspended ceilings is their ability to hide all the wiring, hoods or ventilation shafts under them. But you must be prepared for the installation of a stretch ceiling will reduce the height of the room by about 3-5 centimeters.

Over the time of time, the outwardly stretch ceiling will not change its appearance at all. It will not lose color saturation even when exposed to sunlight. If the stretch ceiling of the proper quality, it is able to perform the functions of additional thermal insulation to everything else.