Hair dyes harmful

The drugs that our perfumery and cosmetic industry produces are undergoing toxicity and are produced only with the permission of the State Sanitary Inspection. Therefore, no harmful drug for the body enters sale.

Of the domestic chemical dyes, the colors “gamma” and “riol” are considered the best. Staining substance – paraphenylandiamine (urzol) – is contained in them in very small quantities. Special soap-spire mixture softens the adverse effects of paraphenylene-diamine. “Gamma” and “Riol” can easily be used at home, without visiting the hairdresser.

Are hair dyes harmful

However, in patients with eczema or allergic diseases, sensitivity to paraphenylediamin is increased. They should not use the colors “gamma” and “riol” should not.

Often women brighten their hair with hydrogen peroxide, which can contribute to hair loss. It is recommended to light them only with a solution of weak concentration – three -five -percent. Such a solution is mixed with liquid toilet soap and beat until thick foam forms. This foamy mass is applied to the hair and then covered with the head. After 40 minutes they wash their heads. If the bleaching effect is insufficient, in a week the same procedure is done again.

If you want to get a reddish tint, ammonia is added to the hydrogen peroxide solution (one tablespoon of ammonia is added per 100 grams of solution). A beautiful light shade is achieved by the addition of chamomile decoction to this solution.

A solution of perhydrol at home should not be used.

If chemical dyes are used for many years, then the keratin shell of hair is gradually loosened.

Are hair dyes harmful

Plant paints – henna and basma use good fame. With the help of henna, blond hair can be dyed in bright red color, ashen into dark brown, and in a mixture with basma – in any tone.

Blondes and brown -haired women can be recommended to wipe the hair with chamomile infusion or husk on onions.

How to cook chamomile infusion

Pour 200 grams of dry chamomile with two glasses of boiling water and boil about five minutes over low heat. It is also easy to cook paint from the husk of onions: 50 grams of onions are poured with water and boiled over low heat for 20 minutes.

After cooling, the infusion is filtered and stored in bottles. With the help of a cotton swab, they moisten the hair with one of the infusions. Brownets add strong coffee to the infusion so that the hair acquires a darker shade.

A lot of adherent and dyeing shampoos, mainly imported production, is now going on sale. So, Londaton is produced six tones, Bulgaria produces – “Aromacolor” of eight tones.

Are hair dyes harmful

A special drug is produced for bleaching (blonde) hair “Londa Blondor Liquid”. It includes special substances that protect the hair from the harmful effects of the drug. The German creamy paint “Londacolor” is also sold in our stores; It is milestone for coloring already previously blonded hair. However, it is difficult to dye gray hair with them: you need to keep soap foam on the hair for a long time, and this can damage it. In coloring shampoos, people with dry scalp should not be used, because they degrease the skin.

A sharp change in hair color often makes the face rough, vulgar. At that time, gray hair, especially if it is rinsed with a solution of ordinary linen blue, will take a beautiful bluish-dry tone, will ennoble, and sometimes even rejuvenate the face.

Remember, dyed hair requires particularly careful care. After washing them, you need to rinse with acidified water; This strengthens the keratin shell of hair. Do not use electric drying often, you should not do a six -month curling immediately after painting.

From the action of the sun and sea water, dyed hair is thinning, become thin, lifeless, brittle.