All the main points of insulation of apartments and houses

With the advent of cold weather, each person lacks heat in his apartment or house. But in many apartments you can feel the atmosphere of heat and comfort due to insulation from the outside. Having done such insulation, you will immediately forget what winter cold, heaters and frantic tariffs for heating your home. And in the summer everything will be the other way around – the wall will not heat up so much and coolness will reign in your house. Having insulated the walls outside, you will reduce heat loss, reduce heating costs, get rid of mold, drafts and dampness of the walls. More details with the products and price category of insulation can be found on the website of the Intergips online store – /.

For example, there are panel houses in all cities and they were standing rapidly using cheap materials, since the government was facing the question of solving apartments. The life of such houses is about 30 years, and since these years have long passed – the repair of such houses is needed. The main problems are freezing of the walls and depressurization of the seams. These problems will solve the wall insulation. New buildings also need insulation, unless of course it is inherent in the design of the house. Brick houses give precious heat, heating the street, because at home from silicate brick the most unsuccessful during the construction of high -rise buildings.

The insulation of the facades with foam passes in two stages: installation of insulation and its finish. The foam is glued to the wall, and then attached more reliably, with dowels. Foam can be destroyed in the sun, so you need to apply a layer of glue and a facade mesh for its strength. Next, another layer of glue is applied – for alignment. Do not forget that only specialists who have passed special training and gained appropriate access to high -rise work should be carried out. And of course the most important elements in the process of insulation of houses is the choice of material. Many companies recommend warming their apartments and houses with polystyrene, because its advantages are visible immediately: not toxic, convenient when working at a height, lightweight, absorbs noise.