Luxury brand bags: advantages and main types, tips for choosing

Women’s bags from famous world brands are among the most expensive accessories; their cost can be as much as the price of a car. These stylish products are a symbol of status and show the financial capabilities of the owner. For a selection of similar products, we suggest looking at Luxuriöse Handtaschen und Accessoires.


The production of such products is carried out by leading fashion houses, which present bags as an integral part of a certain collection, or as separate samples, to be worn with any outfit. You can look at Hermès Kollektionen to choose various bag options to create a specific look.

Items are made from genuine leather. It can be veal, bovine, or there are options from exotic animals such as snakes and crocodiles. Expensive and high-quality fabrics with high abrasion resistance are used for lining. Fittings are primarily valuable metals. In other words, the bags are made from selected elements of the highest quality and can last for decades without losing their appearance.

The products are not just beautiful, they are impeccable in terms of style and workmanship.


There are several options for bags:

  1. Classic ones that are suitable for everyday wear. They have a significant volume and can reach a width of 40 cm, such as the famous Birkin models. Such models are also called totes; they have a durable frame and two rigid walls with handles on the sides. Can also be worn on the shoulder.
  2. Shoppers have an open top, the largest volume and are designed for shopping.
  3. A hobo is a bag with soft walls and a bottom shaped like a semicircle, with a handle on top.
  4. A bucket bag, where the shape is extended upward and is closed with a loop.
  5. Kabat is similar to a shopper and is woven from thin strips of leather. We invite you to view and purchase Bottega Veneta Cabat Tasche.
  6. Clutches are small bags to be carried in the hands or on the shoulder; they do not have handles, only a belt. Designed to accommodate a smartphone and small items.
  7. Satchel was originally a satchel, now it is carried over the shoulder or in the hands. It closes like a briefcase when the lid extends halfway or onto the entire front wall.
  8. There are also bags-backpacks, tablets, in the form of round-shaped objects and other options; styles are often combined depending on the collection and the imagination of the designers. When choosing a model, you should take into account the image and items of clothing with which it will be worn.