One of the houses of Dnepropetrovsk was attributed to accident

Residents of the old house located in the central part of the city of Dnepropetrovsk declare that they want to simply evict them from the house in order to subsequently free the land for construction.

Instead of holding a major overhaul of the house, which is in very poor condition, utilities decided to simply recognize the house with emergency. At the same time, local residents pay attention to the absence of obvious signs of any accident rate, while in accordance with the documentation it simply falls apart from the slightest gust of wind. Residents of apartments located in the house once acquired their housing in this house precisely because of the strength of the supporting structures. Despite the fact that the house has already been actually more than 100 years, not a single crack is observed in the ceiling zone, even communication funds are in excellent condition.

Naturally, after a certain time, the house needed repairs, only the municipal services of the city of Dnepropetrovsk did not carry them out once. Instead, it was decided to recognize this house with a completely emergency. Locals received this information quite by accident, as they say on the Dnepropetrovsk portal.Moygorod.

One of the local residents called on a mobile phone and simply reported that she was living in an emergency house. Recognized the house as the Executive Committee. This is due to the age of the house, which is critical, and the overhaul is completely inappropriate. According to public utilities, the house is a danger to its inhabitants themselves. The authorities reported the presence of an act of inspection of electrical networks, which are also in disrepair.

But the inhabitants of the house do not trust the authorities and are sure that the house is simply profitable to demolish and build a new building in its place.