Single -lane parquet board Baum Premium Oak Smoky (P14)

Smoky oak flooring (baum premium) is quite wide strips, the outer layer of which is made of a solid oak massif. In fact, the parquet board looks like an original parquet with an interesting texture of natural material. The whole front layer provides higher stability. A spectacular single -lane board cannot be distinguished from massive boards of the highest class. But its installation is much easier and faster. The absence of cracks can also be noted.

For the lower layers, unusual givey wood is used, which is favorably distinguished by its quality. It is homogeneous and dense. In addition, Giveya differs from ordinary breeds, which are usually used for parquet boards, with greater stability. A special layer of gvee veneer effectively protects the parquet from the moisture content of the base. Perhaps some fraging of the dies of this layer.

Baum smoky oak is subjected. The soft fibers of the tree are cleaned, which beautifully distinguishes annual rings, provides amazingly pleasant tactile sensations. It is necessary to note the practicality of the branded surface. Various microdectors are less noticeable on it. The care of the Baum Premium board in question will not cause any trouble, since the relief in this case is not deep. Washing also simplifies the protective coating.

Smoky begging on the edge of the oaks allow you to perfectly highlight the bar. Quite noticeable chamfers perfectly demonstrate the nobility and naturalness of the material used. They also indicate the direction of styling. The chamfer is used not only for decorative purposes. It helps to hide the cracks that may occur during operation due to a changeable climate in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Baum parquet uses as many as three layers of high -quality and modern oil. This elastic UV material is synthetic. It does not require any care. The oil miraculously emits tiny parts on the surface. He has a pleasant matte texture. This oil forms a special protective film that prevents the drying of the coating. It is also not devoid of the advantages of varnishes. In particular, it differs in wear resistance and interferes with the formation of irritating spots.

The smoky oak boards have Besecle locks Leimlose MontageSystem Unilin. These wonderful fastenings of the 21st century are incredibly reliable and durable. They are familiar to every parqueter. Also, such a castle is reusable. That is, in the case of moving, you can easily disassemble the parquet and put in a new place. Note that glue, nails and sealant are not needed for laying.

The Baum Premium board fits on a screed, bulk floor, moisture -resistant plywood sheets, gypsum fiber sheets. The base should not be wet or unreliable. “2 mm x 2 m²” is the maximum possible difference. The cork substrate (two millimeters) is placed on the base. On a bulk floor and screed, it is advisable to use a plastic film of 200 μA under a substrate.

Duba characteristics

The hardness of the oak on Brinell: 3.8

Oak density: 700 kg/m3

Prices for the parquet board Baum Premium oak smoky

Depending on the volume, this product can be bought at a discount, the size of which can be clarified by the manager


The size


Price for 1 m2

Parquet board Baum Premium oak smoky single -lane (brewed, art. P14)

1860 x 189 x 15 mm

Coating: uv-maslo

Number m² in pack.:


563 UAH

* Parquet board is sold packages. The final number of parquet is calculated based on the necessary number of packages.