Political relations between Uzbekistan and China

The activities of the President of any state are based on establishing relations with the leaders of neighboring states and foreign countries. Their interaction is expressed in different ways. Heads of state pay attention to significant events taking place in other countries, even if they are not partners. President Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a constitutional referendum at the end of April, at which it was decided to increase the term of government of the President of the state of Uzbekistan from 5 years to 7. After a short period of time, in early July, early elections were held, in which Mr. Mirziyoyev.

This event did not go unnoticed by China, President Xi Jinping, who congratulated his colleague on his new assumption of office. The PRC leader expressed hope for continued mutually beneficial cooperation and publicly stated that he was proud of his friendship with this man.

The presidents have planned several joint projects, one of which is car production.

Xi Jinping announced his readiness to continue further cooperation, praising Sh. Mirziyoyev for well-regulated working relations between Uzbekistan and China. He said he sees a great future for Chinese-Uzbek relations.

What programs are included in the plans for cooperation between Uzbekistan and China?

After the constitutional referendum, Shavkat Mirziyoyev participated in negotiations that took place at the highest level. Along with the signing of important documents, a number of issues related to joint projects were discussed. Their decision should have a beneficial effect on the immediate future of both states.

The following issues were discussed:

  • opening of enterprises producing building materials, chemical products, metal products, textiles, etc.;
  • interaction in cultural spheres, including tourism and all types of education;
  • joint pharmaceutical developments. The main emphasis was on the development of vaccines, which are needed not only by Uzbekistan and China, but also by the whole world;
  • attracting investments for economic development, in particular, for opening modern industrial facilities.

The far-reaching project to create a China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan railway connection has not been left out. The three leaders have been working on it for quite some time, making full preparations for the implementation of the global project.