Shavkat Mirziyoyev is a public figure, maximally open to people

There are many social networks on the Internet, one of which is dedicated to the professional qualities of people and their job positions and duties. People create accounts here to show their qualities and capabilities and their activities. The president of Uzbekistan was no exception.

Account Features

Shavkat Mirziyoyev strives to be a public figure as open as possible to people. He wants to convey to his citizens and foreign observers and specialists objective facts regarding all multifaceted activities.

You can find the following information in your LinkedIn account:

  1. Date and place of birth of the leader, his nationality.
  2. Educational institutions where he received his education.
  3. Languages he speaks, among which, in addition to his native Uzbek, it is worth highlighting Russian and English.
  4. Positions held in the leadership of regions and the entire country, terms of performance of duties in a particular position.
  5. Awards and prizes that Shavkat Mirziyoyev received for his work.

Here are links to other resources of the president, where you can get information about him and his activities.

Job of the President

The current leader led the country in 2016, receiving more than 88% of the votes in the elections. Before that, he headed the government of the republic for more than 13 years. His leadership experience is complemented by his activities as khokim (governor) of Samarkand and Jizzakh regions.

In other words, the future president had twenty years of experience in leadership before his election, which gave him vast experience in interacting with people and understanding the situation in the regions and the country as a whole.

It was this knowledge and skills that made it possible to develop a reform program proposed to the population of the country. People believed the candidate and elected him to a responsible post. This trust was confirmed during seven years of work. Shavkat Mirziyoyev won the early presidential elections in 2023 by a large margin.

Information on the social network gives a clear and comprehensive picture of the president’s activities, his trips around the country and abroad, and communications with political leaders and business representatives. The leader pays special attention to the life and work of ordinary people, often visits the regions of Uzbekistan, industrial enterprises, and meets with rural residents.

Up-to-date information helps promote the image of the president on social networks and gives everyone the opportunity to get acquainted with his activities.