Schools have been modernized in Cyprus in case of an earthquake

Approximately 80% of schools in Cyprus have undergone seismic modernization, but this does not mean that the remaining buildings will face serious structural problems.

Considering that there are about 750 school buildings on the island, 600 of them can withstand even a strong earthquake. The remaining 150 or so were checked and it was decided that they did not face any immediate collapse problem in the event of a major earthquake.

For some of them, the question is being considered whether it is not more profitable to demolish and rebuild them from scratch than to strengthen them with seismic protection. Most of these 150 buildings just need maintenance.

The explanation given by the Ministry of Education is that it is impractical and not in the public interest to modernize a building from a seismic point of view if it is not energy efficient. This will only entail an increase in operating costs.

The Ministry of Education assured that there is currently no functioning school building that would be assessed as needing demolition or having serious structural problems.